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Take the hassle out of the reconciliations process.

Simply upload the files you want to compare and within seconds* AI carries out the matching and highlights any disputes.

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SmartStream Air

No training required

No training required

Simple drag & drop user interface

Simple drag & drop user interface

No installation, no onboarding

No installation, no onboarding

Globally available & multilingual

Globally available & multilingual


The power of artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain technology is well documented. It enables firms to improve the customer experience, enter new markets and gain revenue more quickly, whilst enhancing regulatory and compliance efforts.

SmartStream’s dedicated Innovations Lab, a collaboration made up of highly mathematicians, applied data scientists and computer scientists, is applying advanced data analytics to re-engineer traditional work models and deploying artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain technology to drive down costs and boost workflow efficiencies.

Let’s say your broker sends you a file containing transaction details. You want to see how it stacks up against information you have, but both sets of data are complex and, even worse, they are in different formats. Usually, tackling this sort of stuff takes time and means getting the IT department involved, but with SmartStream Air the hassle is completely taken out of the process. You simply log in with your user name and password, and then upload the two files you want to compare. SmartStream Air, which is driven by machine learning technology, reads the files, understands their correlation, and carries out the matching. Within seconds, it shows you any disputes – allowing you to investigate these discrepancies straightaway. Simple.

SmartStream Air represents the next evolution of reconciliations technology. It combines SmartStream’s expertise, gained over many years of experience, and the latest developments in machine learning and AI technology. Lightning quick, SmartStream Air uses AI algorithms to auto-configure reconciliations. These algorithms are so smart they can reconcile any data structure – unlike other solutions on the market, which can only understand certain domains. Thanks to the super speedy technology underpinning SmartStream Air, you can instantly see where exceptions are, releasing you from a lengthy, iterative process of trying to work out where the data mismatches lie.

You can, but we believe there’s a quicker way of doing things. Traditional reconciliations solutions are great for doing the really knotty stuff but configuring them takes time and generally entails IT support. If you’re using spreadsheets to compare lists of data, it can be time-consuming and error-prone. SmartStream Air is a revolutionary approach that does away with the lengthy configuration times of the past, allowing business users to reconcile complex sets of data in moments, whenever they need. This eliminates a great deal of time and effort, as well as making business users far less reliant on support from teams of operations and IT staff, which also helps keep costs down.

SmartStream Air is like having a highly skilled, virtual operations team on hand that you can tap into at will. It is the only truly instant reconciliations solution currently available: producing accurate results within seconds, it empowers business users to look after their own reconciliations needs, as well as freeing up busy IT departments and operations people to focus on other, more strategic tasks. Importantly, as SmartStream Air is underpinned by sophisticated machine learning technology, it is continually improving, meaning that results only get better as time goes by.

Reconciliations have met their match, you could say.



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*Matching times may vary due to bandwidth, download speed and file size.
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